The Caregiver Space

A community of support for people who care

So many of us provide support for people in our lives who are dealing with mental and physical health issues. We're here to support each other as we care for others.

We don’t care how many hours you put in or how long you’ve been doing it. If supporting someone in your life is (or was) on your mind every day, you belong here.

Care work is radically different today than it was 30 or 50 years ago. The healthcare industry has shifted more and more of the responsibilities of keeping people alive and safe onto friends and family — and health aids with little training, support, or pay.

Most of us don’t even identify with the term “caregiver,” so how do we find support? There’s no one demographic in caregiving, it touches everyone and intersects with the other challenges and opportunities of our lives. We're embracing mutual aid to create lives of meaning today and build the worlds we dream of.

The Caregiver Space is an independent nonprofit, led and run by current, former, and future care workers. We were founded to create a space for people who are often left out of the conversation on caregiving: the LGBTQIA+ community, nontraditional families, sex workers, PWUD, home health aides, and PCAs. 

This is a community of people who aspire to be empathetic, generous, understanding, and patient — to the people we support, to each other, and to ourselves.